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Top Variants Of Poker

There are many types of poker to play, because over the last few years, different modalities have become more and more known and played and people have been jumping from one game to another poker in search of more emotions and different games.

The History of Poker

During recent years, the popularity of some poker games has been growing and decreasing, depending on the number of people who have been interested over time for each type of game, from poker with discard and five cards that was played until the No Limit Holdem Texas that is played today, being the most played and extended in the world. But this has not always been the case, until a few years ago, the most played modality was the Limit Holdem, a game very similar to current but with limit of bets, in addition this game was played in tables of nine players, like the multi-table MTT tournaments.But with the emergence of online casinos and the general public, eager for great emotions, the Limit Holdem has been disappearing until almost the whole, only played by a minimum redoubt of players in the rooms, the king is now the No Limit.

Types of Poker - Omaha

This variant of poker, is one of the most common along with the No Limit. It is played with the difference with the previous one, that four covered cards are dealt to each player instead of two in order to achieve a link to his play, which gives him many more possibilities and options to link play. The player is obliged to use two of his four cards and three of the five common ones that are uncovered in the center of the table to achieve a play, not being able to use more than two cards of his hand. The betting procedure is the same as Holdem Poker. The first round of betting after the first deal and the following rounds after the Flop of three cards, the Turn and the River and the player with the highest play wins the pot.

Types of Poker - 5 Card Draw Poker

It is the poker that everyone has ever played in his life, and the one we have seen in countless films from the far west, the game is that each player is dealt 5 cards and there is a series of discards with bets by means to try to achieve the best possible play, the winner takes the final pot.

Types of Poker - 5 Card Stud

Another variant of the discovered poker, Firstly each player receives two initial cards, one covered and one uncovered. The first round of betting is carried out and, once this is done, each player receives a new uncovered card and another betting round is made until each player has five cards, one covered and four uncovered. At the end of the last round the cards are shown. Whoever has a better combination wins. In case of a tie, the clubs of the cards are taken into account.

Types of Poker - 7 Card Stud

The rules are similar to 5 Card Stud but three initial cards are dealt to each player, two covered and one uncovered. The following are divided into three rounds of bets until you get to have 7 cards in possession and discovered. When you reach the seventh, which is again covered, the betting rounds are finalized. At the end each player has three cards covered and four cards uncovered. Five betting rounds are made if the end is reached, that is, one more than in the 5 Card Stud and the suit is also taken into account in case of a tie. The order of greatest to least: Spades, Hearts, Rhombuses and Clubs.

Types of Poker - Caribbean Poker

It is the most played variant in the Casinos and is played with croupier at the tables. The peculiarity is that each player plays against the bank and not against the other players. A preliminary bet is made, five cards are received without discarding and it is decided whether to go or not. The way to win is to have better play than the bench, and the bank is required to play if it has an Ace a K or a pair or higher. If you win with a play you are paid twice your bet, if you get a superior play, they will pay you based on your play, the higher you have it, the more they will give you to win, from x5 times your bet with color completed up to x100 Sometimes your bet or superiors with the best play of the game, according to the casino.

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