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European Roulette Game

If you have ever taken a look at the history of European roulette you will find an interesting history of science, royalty and mysticism. After Blaise Pascal created the first wheel of roulette in France using science, the game finally became in the classic of the casinos that we now know. After traveling around Europe, he found his way into Germany where competing casinos offer two different versions of roulette. The version of the American roulette enjoyed the comfortable advantage of the house with a "0" and a "00", while the other version, the European roulette, made an effort to break into the market with only one square of "0" "On your wheel.

Advantages of European roulette over other variants of online roulette

Luckily, the European players of online casinos are not the only ones authorized to play this version, since in this version the advantage of the house is half that of the American roulette in 2.7%. In fact, the term European Roulette is a broad idea, and generally means a roulette wheel with a single "0" box and is not limited to European casinos.

Another great advantage of European Roulette is the additional rules that players can use to decrease the advantage of the house even more. This version of roulette does not have many disadvantages, since it is considered that European Roulette Online, is the favorite of Players who like to get benefits because they only have a "0" box giving a greater chance of hitting the users. Most veteran players prefer European Roulette than American Roulette.

European Roulette Rules

A big rule is called "La Partage" and it means that if the European roulette ball falls in the "0" box, bettors who bet on outside bets will have half their money back. It seems unbelievable but that's the way it is, they get back half of their money for losing a bet, if the ball falls in 0. This rule makes the house advantage decrease even more until reaching the lowest advantage of 1.35%.

There is also the "in prison" rule. This rule of the European roulette makes that if the ball falls in the square of "0", the money is put "in prison" until the next round. If the next roll hits your bet, your bet is released without any winnings. In some online casinos this double prisoner rule that if the ball falls in the "0" box you have to hit twice where you bet, although in some you get the ease of preferring to take the option to take half of your bet instead of trying to hit your bet twice.

By knowing the exciting world of online roulette it is possible that in some casinos you have the option of making a "call" or an "announced bet". Which means you can bet without the backup money. In the United States or the United Kingdom it is not allowed, but in some other casinos in other parts of the world yes. An announced bet is placed on the table back before the dealer asks for the end of bets.

Play the free European variant

European Roulette offers some advantages for the player that you do not have playing other versions like the American one. There are several rules that seem complicated if you do not know the game or you are a beginner. If you are eager to try these rules, there are casinos that offer you the chance to play roulette for free, where you have the opportunity to play with free money and know the rules , bets and tables of payment of the game without the need to risk your money. Playing free European roulette is one of the best advantages offered by the online version of roulette, since no traditional physical casino will give you chips to play Free to know the game.

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